5 Steps To Immediately Boost Social Media Traffic

The secret to social media traffic is…

The secret is that it’s easy to drive social media traffic as long as you take some simple steps when posting.

Driving traffic to your website can make a huge difference in your revenue! Even with only a small advertising budget, you should be able to see noticeable results.

Always make sure you track your website’s traffic with something like Google Analytics.

Step #1 – Remember to include a link!

This is so simple yet most businesses overlook it.

If there is no link with your post then it can't drive traffic!Click To Tweet

Including a call-to-action will give people a reason to click. Saying “Click here to _________” or “For more info visit _________” is usually more than enough.

Step #2 – Make your content shareable

Have you ever visited a website and wanted to share it but couldn’t find the share button? It’s frustrating.

Providing ways for your website visitors to share your content is essential. Every share is almost guaranteed traffic to your website!Click To Tweet

Incentivized sharing can also be used to increase shares and traffic.

Step #3 – Consistency is key

Building an audience is impossible without consistency.Click To Tweet

When fans interact with your social media posts they’re more likely to see your future posts. You will also be rewarded with more reach for posting quality content.

Don’t go overboard though! If you don’t know how often you should post then a good rule of thumb is once per day.

Step #4 – Post more photos and videos

On Facebook, posts with photos attract 39% more engagement. Videos attract even more.

Posting a beautiful, informative, or funny photo or video will increase shares. If you include a call-to-action in the caption then each share will lead to more traffic.

Remember to stay on topic with posts! Posting things unrelated to your business may increase traffic but not revenue.Click To Tweet

Step #5 – Boost your posts

Do you see something that is doing well on your social media? Boost it!

Facebook and Instagram have made it easy for you to promote your posts. On your business’ page there will be a “promote” or “boost” button on each post.

If a post is driving traffic then promoting the content will be like throwing gasoline on the fire!Click To Tweet



I can already feel your social media traffic increasing! 

I’m always available to answer any questions you have. Comment or message me anytime.

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