How To Build Your Customer Marketing List The Easy Way

61% of small businesses say more than half of their revenue comes from repeat business but…

…90% of business still don’t ask for customer data!

Sometimes business owners can’t see the forest through the trees. While worrying about day to day issues they forget to prepare for the future.

Collecting customer data is the ultimate way to ensure future revenue. Setting up a process for collecting this valuable data may be easier than you think.

Some businesses get as much as a 90% opt-in rate from their customers!

Remember to make your opt-in process as easy as possible. You can always collect more data about them later.

Why should they opt-in?

Make sure you explain exactly why they should opt-in.

Do you send valuable deals or content? How often do you send? Will you sell customer data? Know the answers to these questions.

Above all else, don’t spam your customers. 

Sending a customer an email or text blast that has no value to them is spam. Customers find deals or exclusive content the most valuable.Click To Tweet

Ask and you shall receive

Yes, it’s that easy sometimes! If a person is a customer then they’ve already proven they are interested in what you offer. Why not ask them if you can keep in touch?

Having an easy way for customers to give you their information is essential. Click To Tweet

A hostess can take their information or you can create a simple paper form.

Overcome with incentive

One of the biggest pitfalls of customer data collection is handling rejection. Overcome a customer’s objection to opt-in with incentives.

Customers that know they’ll receive an immediate deal are much more likely to signup.

Don’t miss your opportunity

When a customer is in-store they are most willing to opt-in. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Every customer visit is an opportunity. If they're already given you some data then collect more.Click To Tweet

Get your employees into the routine of asking every customer for an opt-in. You’ll be amazed how fast your list will grow!



I predict more opt-ins in your near future! 

Have questions about opt-in strategy? Feel free to contact me anytime by email or in the comments.

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