How To Get More Instagram Followers

Want to grow your business or personal brand on Instagram? Follow this guide!

There are many ways to get more Instagram followers and in this post, we’ll list the most popular.

We’ll only be focusing on increasing your real Instagram followers. If you want to buy fake followers then this article is not for you.

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Did you know what over 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business? Every month over 120 million Instagram users engage with brands.

Get your slice of that pie by following the suggestions below.


Have a plan with a goal

Keep it simple! Write a list of things you’re going to do on a daily and weekly basis to increase your Instagram followers.

Your list should include what action you will take and how often you will take it. For example: “One Instagram Post Per Day.”

Make sure your list includes a goal, after all, how will you know if you’re doing well if you don’t set a goal? Start with a small goal of 5-10 new followers per week and adjust as your page grows.


Keep it consistent

Potential followers will check your profile to see what you’re posting and how often.

You should post on Instagram at least 4 times per week. Doing so will keep your account looking active.Click To Tweet

You should also be consistent with your hashtags! You’ll want as many of your posts appearing for your specific hashtags. Doing this will help you establish yourself with that hashtag’s audience.


Choosing your hashtags

Yes, there is a science to selecting hashtags! A little planning will help you increase your Instagram followers!

Instagram allows you to include 30 hashtags with a post. Since users search for hashtags, each one you include is an opportunity. We recommend you use all 30 hashtags with each post.

When posting on Instagram you can include one or two hashtags with your caption. The rest of the hashtags should be posted as a comment.Click To Tweet

Yes, posting hashtags in the comments is the same as posting them in your caption. Doing this will make your post’s caption look uncluttered.

Select your hashtags by following a simple formula:

  1. Find Instagram accounts with followers like the ones you want
  2. Make a list of what hashtags they’re using
  3. Search for each hashtag and not how competitive it is (1+ million posts = High, 100k – 1 Million = Medium, Less than 100k = Low)
  4. Select 10 hashtags that have high competition, 10 that have medium, and 10 that have low. Make sure to include your brand’s hashtags!

Following this formula will ensure your posts are being seen by the most people. The goal is to appear in the search for the hashtags as much as possible.

Don’t use hashtags like #like4like or #follow4follow. You’ll only attract spam bots that will never engage. It’ll make you look spammy too.


Engage with others if you want them to engage with you

Every 'like' is a chance to gain new Instagram followers! The more often you 'like' posts the faster your follower count will grow.Click To Tweet

Visit a competitor’s Instagram page or a page with the same theme. Find a recent post from the past 24 hours and go to the comments. These are their most engaged fans. Click on each one of their profiles and “like” the first two photos. This will make you appear in their notifications so they notice you. Since your Instagram is like one they are already following, there is a high chance they’ll follow you!

Do the same for the people who have liked that post. Since it was a recent post, the user may still be online and notice you immediately. Engaging with users that are currently online is an easy way to get them to notice and follow you!

Make sure you don’t like more than 100 times or follow more than 50 times in an hour. If you do then Instagram may think you’re a bot and block you! Only follow accounts that are in your niche that you actually like.


Balance the scales

You’ll gain more Instagram followers by making your account look popular. Having engaged users is a great way to do that. Following many more people than are following you makes you look unpopular.

Try to follow fewer people than are following you on Instagram. Having a high following count and low follower count is a turnoff to potential followers.Click To Tweet

Are your scales out of balance? Unfollow accounts that don’t engage and aren’t in your niche. Don’t unfollow more than 50 people per hour or Instagram may think you’re a bot and block you.


All the new followers! 

Following the guide above and you’re guaranteed to get more Instagram followers! If you’re struggling with figuring out what to post then try SnapRaffle. SnapRaffle collects photos from your customers for you to use on Instagram.

Want me to review your Instagram account or strategy? Feel free to contact me anytime by email or in the comments.


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