How To Increase Customer Visits Using Facebook Ads

Having a customer visit once is good. Having a customer visit many times is better.

Businesses usually focus on increasing revenue by driving new customers. What about their existing customer though?

Increasing how often a customer visits your business is an easy way to increase revenue!Click To Tweet

Frequency of Visit (FOV) is an important metric that is often overlooked. Let’s dive into how to increase your customers’ frequency of visits using Facebook ads.

Your client list is GOLD

Do you have a list of client email addresses or phone numbers? Congratulations, you have a pot of gold! If you don’t, then start collecting them.

Facebook lets you upload that list and advertise to those customers.

Retargeting your customers like this is an easy way to stay top of mind. Businesses that are top of mind have a higher frequency of visit!

Converting those website visitors

People who visit your website are current or potential customers. When these people see your ads on Facebook they are much more likely to convert.

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If you sell products through your website you can target visitors who did not convert. Show them ads that help them overcome the objections that caused them not to convert.

Give special offers

I’m going to tell you a secret, customers love deals!

Showing ads to customers who have not purchased from you recently is an easy way to increase traffic. If they’ve already given you money once, they’re likely to do it again.

Remember to give better offers to less frequent customers. They'll need more incentive to return.Click To Tweet



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