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Raflbot (formerly SnapRaffle) is a FREE marketing system for small businesses. Customers enter to win SnapRaffle's grand prize and your business' instant-win prizes by texting a photo to your entry phone number. Everyone who enters can be sent deals via text message and targeted with social media ads to increase traffic to your business!

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No apps to download, No websites to visit How To Enter A Raflbot

  1. Send a Photo Tell your customers to send a photo to your unique SnapRaffle entry phone number. Make sure to tell them what kind of photos you're looking for!
  2. Send A Caption Once an entrant sends a photo, the automated SnapRaffle system requests that they send a caption for it.
  3. Entry Confirmation Once a photo and caption are received the entrant will receive a confirmation with a customizable call to action and opt-in for your text blast list. All entrants are notified at the end of the SnapRaffle. Everyone has a chance to win SnapRaffle's Grand Prize and your customers have a chance to win your business' customizable Instant-Win prizes.

Testimonials Reviews by customers

  • Victor Oliveti Owner, Moxie Blowdry & Beauty Bar of Montclair SnapRaffle has helped us schedule entire months of social media content in advance. We always how issues keeping up with our social media but now it's easy!

About Our Story

Raflbot (formerly SnapRaffle) was founded by Joseph Cameron after working with many small businesses who constantly had the same issue, not having the time to constantly create original social media content.

He set out to create a tool that would not only solve that problem but would help businesses increase their traffic & revenue through social media & text message marketing.

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