How To Target Facebook Ads For Local Business

Advertising on Facebook is the best way to drive local consumers to your business.

If you have a local business and you aren’t advertising on Facebook, you should!

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You can use targeted Facebook ads for many goals. Driving visits, increasing awareness, and promoting deals are a few common goals.

Let’s get started

The first thing you need to do is log into Facebook and navigate to your business’ Facebook page.

Once there you will see a blue “Promote” button on the left sidebar. Click that!

A “How would you like to grow your business?” popup will then appear with a few options. In this article, we will only be discussing the “Promote Your Business Locally” option.

Click “Promote Your Business Locally” and a “Create Promotion” popup will open. This is where you will customize your targeted Facebook ad.

Creating your promotion

Creating your targeted Facebook ad may look overwhelming but we’ll take it step by step.

Step 1: Selecting your audience

First, select a radius for your promotion. Only consumers within this radius will see your ad. A 3-5 mile radius works best for local business.

Next, select the age of the consumers you want to reach. This is a great way of targeting age groups that your business needs to drive growth with. Leave the default values (18-65+) if you are unsure.

After that, you can select the genders you want your ad to reach. If your business specializes in serving a certain gender then select it here.

Now you have to complete the trickiest part of this process, selecting interests. Interests are how you target your Facebook ads. Select 3-5 interests to help you reach the right people.

The last part of this section is selecting if you want to run this promotion on Instagram. You should do this unless you have a reason not to.

Step 2: Your ad creative

Now it’s time for you to change how your targeted ad will look. Let’s get creative! 

First, select a headline. The default is the name of your page. You only have 25 characters, so make them count. Using your headline as a call-to-action is best.

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Next, you select the text (caption) for your ad. Make sure you explain what you are promoting. Use eye-catching emoji for greater impact!

Now you can select the image for your ad. By default, your Facebook business page’s banner is used. Using an eye-catching picture of your products or services is recommended.

Following that you select your call-to-action button. Choose the action you want people to take. For targeted local ads use “Call Now” or “Send Message.” If you want to send traffic to your website then use “Learn More.”

The last option is to include a map card that shows your business location. You should include this for people who are unfamiliar with your business.

Step 3: Budget and payment

We’re going to combine the last two sections in this step.

Start by selecting a daily budget for your targeted Facebook ads. You will see results from a budget as low as $2-3 per day. Start with a lower budget and increase once you see the results.

Once you’ve selected your daily budget, you’ll receive an estimated daily reach. This is how many people will see your ad every day.

Next, you can select your ad’s duration (how long you want the promotion to run). Select a timeframe based on your promotion. If you want the ad to run until a specific date then click the calendar icon and select a date.

Last but not least, select your ad account and payment method. Your ad account is usually pre-selected. If you have not entered a payment method before then you’ll have to enter one now.

Preview how your ads will appear then click the “Promote” button and you’re all done!

Show me the ads!

You’re now an expert at targeting local Facebook ads, congratulations! Create an ad and start driving traffic to your business today.

Don’t have the time or the energy to do all of this yourself? Have your local ads created for you from your Facebook posts with SnapRaffle!

Have questions about how to target Facebook ads? Send me an email or leave a message in the comments.


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